Always select your news from the best sites

As a writer/ journalist, I have years of experience writing the latest news and tidbits. A while ago, due to some family commitments, I had to leave my job. For my children, I would still leave any job in the world, but I did miss it because I genuinely loved I spent there. My partner suggested that I start my blog as I love to write and interact with people on a personal level. That’s where I got my inspiration, and I decided to go for it. It’s not like I had no idea where to start because as a journalist, it was my job, but it was my first personal blog.


To start and reach the correct audience with your news, careful planning and execution are needed. The difference with working for a firm and being on your own is significant. A form has a firm hold on their readers and the audience they need to target. I had to see and swim in the lake of people to find mine first. I take inspiration from many popular news blogs who get millions of viewers every month. One such blog is the Huffington Post which has, in many ways, paved the platform for bloggers. They have all kinds of news categories from world news, politics, finance, and many more. It was founded by Arianna Huffington, Kenneth Lerer, and Jonah Peretti and by 2011 just six years after it was made was worth $315 million. The specialty of the Huffington Post is its unique and authentic approach to news. They have thousands of bloggers from all over the world working hard to make the Huffington Post one of the best.


Another of my favorite is buzz feed. You might have seen them on YouTube with trendy recipes and worth it videos. Buzz feed has a great blog that focuses mainly

 on trendy news and entertainment. They have a signature recipe for their popularity; their blogs have image-heavy listicles that end up going viral. Their target a younger audience and with the increase in internet users, this has worked in their favor. They have n

ow started to publish more serious news and blogs as well. A former editor at Vanity Fair and the New Yorker created what we know as The daily beast. This beast does blogs on news and detailed opinion articles on current news, polities, and many other topics. Their success lies in the variety of issues they carter to with finesse and simplicity.

The blogs above focus on multiple areas like polities, entertainments, sports, etc. when we look into more specific niche-oriented blogs than many stand out. TechCrunch is one such gem which was founded by Michael Arrington in 2005. They have millions of members that further go to individual blogs. Overall, they work with technology, products, reviews, and internet sources. Another one is the business insider that is almost everywhere. Whether you like business or not, you must have seen their posts pop up on your feed once a while. They started out in 2009, focusing on financial, media, technology, and other industries but now have spread to others field like entrainment as well.

As a blogger with a news blog, I tend to keep a close eye on the popular ones as it helps me modify my own. Although it has not been too long since I started, I am slowly but steadily working my way up. The most important thing is that it keeps me happy and passionate. I study from different newspapers and sources to keep my readers updated with the latest news. My goal is to one day expand to varying sections like entrainment and sports.[3]bank-phrom-Tzm3Oyu_6sk-unsplash


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